This wiki currently needs more work! Please contribute any knowledge/guides if you can!
I have also not discussed licenses in any length, if you are uncomfortable with your work being shared without a license, please discuss it with jo in discord.
Please also note that information on the wiki is not final and could be inaccurate, unfinished, etc.

Hi! This is the homepage for the Trans Voice Wiki. This wiki aims to be a good source of info for voice training, mainly targeted towards trans people. (Though info can be used by anyone!) Editing the wiki is restricted to verified members only, but you can get verified for editing easily. (This is just to minimize troll edits!)

How do I use this website?

Here is a guide from the wiki software's documentation.

Pages of interest

Where's the info from the old page?

The old page was just the Resource list. It's been pushed to this page.


We verify people to be editors on the discord. If you want to help edit, please join the discord here: https://discord.gg/pgUyvBE

What information does the server see when I sign up?

The server will see:

  • The email you signed up with
  • Your username
  • Your preferred language
  • Your IP (Probably)

If you do not want this information tied to yourself for the admins or the server owner (jo!) to see, I would suggest using an alias, a throwaway/anonymous email (I suggest AnonAddy) and a VPN or TOR service.

Other info

Changes from the previous version:

  • Everything is easier to use.
  • Articles are divided into books, which are divided into shelves.
  • We're using a much simpler backend.
  • I can finally insert youtube videos into sites oh my god
  • I'm not going to be tempted to try and add fancy stuff because its not needed aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • oh god wiki.js was SO slow
  • ITS LIVE!!