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  • Information sourced from Zheanna's glossary

Registers, also called Laryngeal Vibratory Mechanisms, are ways that vocal folds can behave to produce sound. There are four of these.

Mechanism 0 (M0)

M0 is more commonly known as vocal fry or creak.

Vocal fold behavior

  • High adduction
  • Thick folds (i think)

Mechanism 1 (M1)

M1 is more commonly known as modal or "normal". Not much to say about this one I guess.

Mechanism 2 (M2)

M2 is known as Falsetto.

Vocal fold behavior

  • Sound is produced using the thinner edges of the vocal folds.

Mechanism 3 (M3)

M3 is more commonly known as a "whistle" or flagolet

Vocal fold behavior

  • Vocal folds are pressed together and air is passed through them to produce a whistle