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Selene Voice Clips

Voice clips from Selene of Vox Nova. Please be aware that I am not affiliated with Selene, or Vox Noxa Studio. Also please give the page some time to load, as there is a lot of embedded clips on this site. Thanks to Dysphosium for the original collection of clips.

Size #

General clips and exercises on vocal size.

Weight #

Demonstrations and exercises for vocal weight control.

Fullness #

Clips specifically focusing on both size and weight.

Purity #

Clips on nasality, knodel, breathiness, etc.

Speech #

Clips regarding pronunciation, vowels, pitch contour, etc.

Falsetto #

These clips focus on adduction, eliminating yodels, and making a more full "falsetto" sound.

Masculinization #

Lectures and exercises for masculinization.

Other #

Miscellaneous clips, still quite useful.

Contribute #

This website is maintained by jo!, but you can help contribute! Please reach out if you notice any issues, or have any suggestions!

Why run this site?

I believe that while Discord is a good place for communities, it is a horrible place to retain and seek information. Discord is not a wiki, and it is not a good way to store information. The current trans voice community is quite fractured, and resources are not uniform between communities. This site seeks to be a neutral source of resources for the wider community, and for people who are not yet in the community but are seeking information about trans voice training.

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